Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Ronald Coase, 1910-2013

Readers may be aware of the death of Ronald Coase, the Nobel Prize-winning economist who was the Clifton R. Musser Professor emeritus of Economics at the University of Chicago Law School. He died on Monday, September 2, at the age of 102. Commentary and obituary notices abound; here is a sampling:
The New York Times
The Economist 
The Guardian 
The Washington Post 
NPR: Planet Money 
Los Angeles Times
Financial Times
Chicago Tribune
The Wall Street Journal and again, here, and again, here
The New Yorker
Coase was probably best known among business historians for his seminal 1937 article, "The Nature of the Firm" (currently available and ungated on-line here) and for the introduction of the concept of transaction costs.