Friday, September 20, 2013

Recent and Forthcoming Books of Interest: End-of- Summer Edition

A compilation of some of the recently published and forthcoming books of interest to business and economic historians:
Joshua Barkan, Corporate Sovereignty: Law and Government under Capitalism (University of Minnesota Press, August 2013)

Jeremy Baskes, Staying Afloat: Risk and Uncertainty in Spanish Atlantic World Trade, 1760-1820(Stanford University Press, July 2013)

Sheri J. Caplan, Petticoats and Pinstripes: Portraits of Women in Wall Street's History (Praeger, June 2013)

Timothy Cobban, Cities of Oil: Municipalities and Petroleum Manufacturing in Southern Ontario, 1860-1960 (University of Toronto Press, August 2013)

Clare Haru Crowston, Credit, Fashion, Sex: Economies of Regard in Old Regime France (Duke University Press, October 2013)

Paloma Fernández Pérez and Andrea Colli, eds., The Endurance of Family Businesses: A Global Overview (Cambridge University Press, September 2013)

Oscar Gelderblom, Cities of Commerce: The Institutional Foundations of International Trade in the Low Countries, 1250-1650 (Princeton University Press, September 2013)

Noel Maurer, The Empire Trap: The Rise and Fall of U.S. Intervention to Protect American Property Overseas, 1893-2013 (Princeton University Press, August 2013)

Ajay K. Mehrotra, Making the Modern American Fiscal State: Law, Politics, and the Rise of Progressive Taxation, 1877-1929 (Cambridge University Press, September 2013)

Don Nerbas, Dominion of Capital: The Politics of Big Business and the Crisis of the Canadian Bourgeoisie, 1914-1947 (University of Toronto Press, July 2013)

Gail Radford, The Rise of the Public Authority: Statebuilding and Economic Development in Twentieth-Century America (University of Chicago Press, July 2013)

Jonathan Rees, Refrigeration Nation: A History of Ice, Appliances, and Enterprise in America (Johns Hopkins University Press, October 2013)

John F. Wilson, Anthony Webster, and Rachael Vorberg-Rugh, Building Co-operation: A Business History of The Co-operative Group, 1863-2013 (Oxford University Press, September, 2013)

Joshua D. Wolff, Western Union and the Creation of the American Corporate Order, 1845-1893
(Cambridge University Press, June 2013)