Monday, September 23, 2013

Hagley Digitizes PRR Resource

The Hagley Library has digitized a rare reference work, the four-volume The Pennsylvania Railroad Company: Corporate, Financial and Construction History of Lines Owned, Operated and Controlled to December 31, 1945, and has made it freely available online via Hagley’s Digital Archives.
    In preparation for its 1946 centennial, the Pennsylvania Railroad Company commissioned the engineering firm of Coverdale & Colpitts to prepare a comprehensive history of the company. The commission resulted in the creation of two publications. The second volume, Centennial History of the Pennsylvania Railroad Company, was widely distributed in 1949 and is readily available in many libraries. In contrast, the first volume was intended for the use of management only and dissemination was strictly controlled. Just one hundred copies of the four volumes were printed in 1947 and were distributed to selected company officers. Over time, many copies have been lost; others no doubt remain in the hands of private collectors. Hagley has therefore digitized the four-volume set in order to make this resource more widely available to scholars. The site contains the full text of all four volumes, as well as an index.