Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Omohundro Institute Conference Program Available

Rowlandson, A Merchant's Office, 1789; Yale Center for British Art
The nineteenth annual meeting of the Omohundro Institute for Early American History and Culture (OIEAHC) will take place this week, June 13-15, at Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, Md. The general theme of the meeting is "Inland Circuits and Oceanic Connections." The program, which contains several sessions of interest for business and economic historians, is available on-line at the Institute's conference website. Sessions of note include
Opening Plenary: "An Economic Interpretation of the Constitution after One Hundred Years: A Roundtable on Charles Beard," chaired by Richard Bernstein
Session 5: "Material Cultures of Exchange in Eighteenth-Century America," which includes a paper by Caitlin Rosenthal and commentary by Cathy Matson
Session 9: "Planters and Plantation Economies in the Eighteenth-Century Americas"
Session 11: "Commerce and Community: Circuits of Trade and Migration between North America and the Caribbean during the Long Eighteenth Century"
Session 13: "Jamaica and the Wider World: Trade, Gender, and the Law"
Session 19: "Mid-Atlantic, Mediterranean, Caribbean: Merchant Networks circa 1700-1830"
    Those interested in this period of American (and, more broadly, Atlantic) history might wish to consult the Institute's call for papers for the 2014 meeting, which will be held in Halifax, Nova Scotia, next June 12–14. The theme of that meeting will be "The Consequences of War."