Monday, June 17, 2013

2013 Asian Business History Conference Announced

A newly created group, the Asian Business History Conference, will hold its first meeting on July 13-14, 2013, at Thammasat Business School in Bangkok, Thailand. The theme of the meeting is "Siam Then, Thailand Now: Creating Thai Capitalism during Two Eras of Globalization." As the conference organizers explain:
Although much is known about the varieties of capitalism that developed in Europe, North America and Japan, historical research on those in emerging economies is still relatively limited. This conference . . . will contribute to filling this gap in existing scholarship by addressing the many internal and external forces that shaped the development of Thai capitalism in the broader context of global business history.
Please consult the meeting website for a fuller description of the meeting's aims and other details. The program for the meeting has been posted there; Geoffrey Jones of the Harvard Business School will serve as the keynote speaker.
    The conference idea was initiated by Julia Yonge of Hosei University; her co-organizers are Pavida Pananond and Patnaree Srisuphaolarn of Thammasat Business School and Martin Jes Iversen of Copenhagen Business School. Please direct any inquiries to Julia Yongue.