Friday, June 7, 2013


The 2014 Asia Pacific Economic and Business History Conference (APEBH) will be held at the University of Waikato, Hamilton, New Zealand, on February 13-15, 2014. The APEBH meeting is held in collaboration with the Economic History Society of Australia and New Zealand. The theme of the conference, which is being organized with the cooperation of the Waikato Management School, is "Economic Consequences of War and Conflict." As described in the call for papers,
Wars are expensive (in money and other resources), destructive (of capital and human capital), and disruptive (of trade, resource availability, labour management). Large wars constitute severe shocks to the economies of parti­cipating countries. Notwithstanding some positive aspects of short-term stimulation and long-term destruc­tion and rebuilding, war generally impedes economic development and undermines prosperity. . . . What are the lessons from comparative approa­ches to analysing such periods of war, conflict, hardship and opportunity?
The organizers welcome proposals for contributions on other topics in economic, social, and business history as well, but they are particularly interested in those focusing on the Asia-Pacific region and papers that provide an international comparative perspective.
    Please see the complete call for papers for submission details and a fuller discussion of the conference theme. The deadline for proposals is November 30, 2013.