Wednesday, September 19, 2012

CFP: EABH 2013 Conference

The European Association for Banking and Financial History (EABH) e.V., in cooperation with the National Bank of Poland, the Kronenberg Foundation, and the National Bank of Poland Foundation, will hold its next annual meeting on June 6-8, 2013, in Warsaw, Poland. The theme will be "Foreign Financial Institutions and National Financial Systems." The call for papers states:
Modern and contemporary financial institutions developed in a world of deep and increasing interconnection among national economies leading to what is now known as globalisation. Thus it comes as no surprise that they tended to cross borders since the early days of the building of the contemporary world economy. Correspondents, branches and affiliates played their roles as representatives or agents of foreign financial institutions for business, sometimes following the paths opened by trade and investment flows, sometimes following the attraction of the main financial centres of the world economy. Of course, national economies reacted to the presence of foreign financial institutions. According to circumstances they were sometimes welcome as the introducers of important innovations for economic progress, sometimes mistrusted as the instruments of foreign interests, in critical moments possibly blamed for difficulties and subject to control and even expropriation measures. The Conference will explore all aspects of multinational financial institutions in a broad sense of the expression and their relations with host economies in general and governments in particular.
Paper proposals should be sent to by October 31, 2012, and include the author(s)' name and affiliation and an abstract (up to 3,000 words). For further information about appropriate topics and timing, please see the full call for papers.