Friday, September 21, 2012

Business History at the 2013 AHA Meeting

The program for the 2013 meeting of the American Historical Association (AHA), which will be held January 3-6 in New Orleans, Louisiana, has now been posted. The Business History Conference, an affiliated society of the AHA, is sponsoring two sessions: Session 24, "Skyscraper Index, Hemline Index, Champagne, Nail Polish, and the Dow Jones," chaired by Daniel Levinson Wilk; and Session 28 (co-sponsored with the German Historical Institute and the Labor and Working-Class History Association), "Ethnic Entrepreneurship in Nineteenth-Century New Orleans," featuring a paper by Juliet E. K. Walker.
   Other sessions of direct interest include
Session 15: "Trash and Treasure: The Significance of Used Goods in America, 1880–1950," chaired by Susan Strasser;
Session 47: "God and Mammon: The Politics of Religion and Commerce in Mid-Twentieth-Century America"
Session 117: "Global Consumer Revolutions: Iroquoia, Japan, and South Africa in the Early Modern Period"
Session 124: "Taxation and American Politics: A Roundtable to Commemorate the One-Hundredth Anniversary of the Income Tax in America," chaired by Alan Brinkley
Session 160: "The Perils of Austerity," including papers by Louis Hyman, Meg Jacobs, Jonathan Soffer, and Natasha Zaretsky
Session 175: "Merchants’ Lives in an Eighteenth-Century Global Context: New York, China, and In-Between"
Session 184: "Locating Consumption in Modern Europe and the United States: Consumer Societies and the Specificity of Place"
LWCHA Session 6: "Constructing a Global Twentieth-Century Workforce: Outside Investors, Local Leaders, and Indigenous Workers," including a paper by Elizabeth Tandy Shermer
CLAH Session 80: "Exports and Elites in Latin America’s Long Twentieth Century," with a paper by Marcelo Bucheli
SHGAPE Session 8: "The One Percent and Political Economy in the Progressive Era," for which Sven Beckert serves as chair and commentator
In addition, individual papers and participants of interest include
Session 195: "Transforming History Graduate Education to Make the PhD 'Malleable' ," a panel discussion that includes Edward Balleisen
Session 199, "Lives, Places, and Stories of Oil in Water," which includes a paper by Tyler Priest
AHS Session: "The Green Revolution and Beyond: Origins and Impacts of Global Technology Transfer in Twentieth-Century Agriculture," including a paper by Jacqueline McGlade
Session 271: "Feeding Tomorrow’s Citizens: Conflicts and Negotiations over Food for Children in Twentieth-Century North America," where Tracey Deutsch serves as chair and commentator
This is of course only a selection from the very large program; readers should consult the complete version, which can be searched by name and keyword, or downloaded as a PDF.