Monday, April 16, 2012

Hagley Digitizes Nation's Business

The Nation’s Business was the monthly magazine of the Chamber of Commerce of the United States from 1912 to 1999. The Digital Collections Department at Hagley has been working on a large-scale digitization project that will make the entire run of the Nation’s Business available online and full-text searchable. As the Hagley newsletter reports,

Every major event that shaped American politics and business, from World War I to the early days of the internet age, is documented in the pages of The Nation’s Business. Many issues of pressing concern to the business community today, such as state-business relations, have roots in earlier periods and can be studied as they evolved during the 20th century. While politics is a common theme throughout The Nation’s Business, articles also cover the evolution of workplace technology, the development of new methods for marketing products and services to consumers, and the emergence of influential labor unions during the last century.
The project was funded with the support of the Chamber of Commerce as part of its 100th anniversary celebration. Ten years of issues remain to be scanned, but content from the remaining ninety years is now fully available at Hagley's Nation's Business site. Hagley has also mounted a companion Web exhibit, "100 Years of Picturing the Nation's Business."