Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Call for Syllabi: Teaching Business History

As an outgrowth of the "Teaching Business History" roundtable at the recent BHC meeting in Philadelphia, we are undertaking a project to update and increase the syllabi on the BHC "Resources" website. We would therefore like to invite readers to send in relevant syllabi (or parts thereof—see below), which we will post on a dedicated area of the BHC web pages. Syllabi may be sent as Word documents, PDF files, or, if the material is already freely available on the Web, via a URL. The following guidelines apply:
  • The course need not be taught in a history department or even by a historian, but it must be primarily "history" in methodology and content.
  • You must be willing to allow the syllabus to be posted for free viewing on the Web.
  • The course in question does not have to be called "Business History," as long as it pertains to a topic in business history: for example, histories of capitalism, banking, industrialization, entrepreneurship. We define "business history" broadly to include topics related to the interaction of business with politics, culture, and society.
  • We wish to have a broad geographic and temporal scope; we would especially like to include business history topics outside the United States, as well as comparative courses.
  • We are also particularly eager to have syllabi for courses taught outside the United States. For this purpose, we would be happy to post syllabi not in English, though it would be very helpful if such syllabi were accompanied by a brief course description in English.
  • We are interested in courses at both the graduate and undergraduate levels; in this context, we also invite graduate reading lists on business history topics.
  • If you teach a course that is not primarily focused on business history but includes a module or unit on a subject in business history, we would be happy to have just that module.
  • Full credit will be given to the syllabi author and his or her institution.
    Those who send URLs should note that some materials posted on academic websites are not available outside the home institution; please make sure the site is accessible to all before sending a URL.
    Please send syllabi, reading lists, or modules to, with "syllabus" in the subject line. 
    We will post a follow-up announcement when sufficient material has been received and the website has been updated.