Monday, April 23, 2012

Business History/Historians at OAH 2012

Readers might wish to take a look at the printed program for the 2012 Organization of American Historians meeting, just concluded. Given that the theme of the meeting (held jointly with the National Council on Public History) was "Frontiers of Capitalism and Democracy," it is not surprising that a large number of business historians were on the program. One can see a list of most of them on page 38 of the program pdf. In addition, Richard R. John, past-president of the BHC, was one of those scholars who made a paper available for pre-circulation. John's session was "Antimonopoly: The Anatomy of an American Obsession," with a paper of the same name. The panel was chaired by James L. Baughman, University of Wisconsin–Madison, and Naomi Lamoreaux, Yale University, and Jeffrey Sklansky, University of Illinois at Chicago, served as commentators. The paper can be found here.