Monday, September 19, 2011

New Open Content from JSTOR and the AHA

Earlier this month JSTOR, the well-known repository of journal articles, made pre-1923 content available without charge; for materials published outside the United States, the date is 1870. The copyright term outside the United States is set at the life of the author plus seventy years, so JSTOR picked 1870 as "a reasonable date to assume that all copyright is expired." JSTOR also released a FAQ explaining the decision and usage terms.
    The JSTOR homepage now contains a direct link to a search site with an option to limit one's search to free access articles, which number almost a half million; if one searches the entire site, free materials are designated by a check mark icon.
     In another development, the American Historical Association announced that, as of September 1, 2011, its on-line jobs listing will be available to everyone, not only to AHA members. Nonmembers can access the ads after a simple registration process that requires creation of a login account. The search engine has been updated as well, so that, in addition to searching for jobs by category, title, institution, and location, one can search by rank. The list is updated every Friday.