Sunday, September 25, 2011

Company Bibliography Available at the University of Western Ontario

In 1992 the libraries of the University of Western Ontario tried to identify the company histories scattered throughout their holdings and to pull them together in one source, Business & History at Western: A Guide to Selected Resources in the UWO Library System. This work has now been placed on-line, at an expanded and on-going site, Books about Companies. As the compilers explain,
Since 1992 more company-related books have been discovered in the stacks and many more have been published. . . . The list is continually under construction and new company histories are added as they arrive. As well, we have included the company histories that are often found (but rarely indexed) in reference works or in books about industries. For example, this guide will direct you to the company histories found in The Advertising Age Encyclopedia of Advertising and to the short sketches found in The World Guide to Automobile Manufacturers.
   Although the great majority of the entries are straightforwardly bibliographic, linking to the UWO catalog entry for each publication, occasional annotations to the list include reviews of the books and short bibliographies, as well as links to articles that have been scanned by the staff in the Business Library. Many pamphlets, such as the hundreds of relevant Newcomen Society publications, are included. For a fuller description of the plans and purposes of the site, please visit Books about Companies.