Wednesday, September 14, 2011

History of Family Firm Network Launched

The Network of Interdisciplinary Research in Family Firms (NIRFF) is,as the website explains,
an academic network composed of scholars from different scientific disciplines and countries who share a common interest in exchanging knowledge about methodologies and theories related to family businesses, in a virtual and informal way. Our common goal is to share scientific tools that significantly improve the analysis of particular case studies and above all that favour the comparison and the elaboration of general conclusions. The network offers information about distinguished scholars from different disciplines and countries specialized in the study of family businesses, in order to promote possibilities for: contact, organization of activities, knowledge exchange, and debate.
The group's website, based at the University of Barcelona, offers information about new research, publications, conference appearances, and other initiatives relating to the study of family firms in business history. The site also includes a list of researchers with their contact information, bibliography, and research interests.