Wednesday, August 3, 2011

CFP: Special Issue of Business History on Strategy

The journal Business History has issued a call for papers for a projected special issue on "The Age of Strategy: Exploring the Cultural, Organizational, and Political Dimensions of Strategy," with Chris Carter serving as guest editor. Carter explains in the call for papers:
The objective of this special issue is to introduce interdisciplinary perspectives to help understand strategy both historically but also in the present as an important cultural, organizational and political phenomenon. The premise of this Special Issue is that it is important to transcend economic analyses of strategy and explore the rich potential of concepts from critical accounting, business history, and social theory to further knowledge on strategy and introduce innovative concepts to the study of strategy in the field of business history. The Special Issue is keen to explore important, yet currently underdeveloped linkages, between the three conceptual areas to help gain a deeper empirical and theoretical understanding of strategy. These areas provide enormous scope for developing our understanding of strategy and creating an interdisciplinary perspective on strategy, which is sociologically informed, critical oriented and imbued with an historical sensibility. It is this ambition that is the prime motivation for this Special Issue.
The deadline for submissions is November 1, 2011. Papers should be sent to Chris Carter at; the target date for publication of the issue is late 2012. Please see the full call for papers for additional information.