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Over the Counter No.47

Dear subscribers and readers of The Exchange,

 This issue of "Over the Counter No. 47" contains news and information of interest to business historians from across the web: new journal issues, podcasts, and blog posts.

Journal issues published since February of 2019:
The Australian Economic History Review 59(1).
Enterprise &Society 20(2)
Business History 61(2)
The Economic History Review 72(2)
Noam Maggor's "Bringing (The History of) Capitalism Back In" in the journal Reviews in American History, should also be of interest.

In newspapers and other serials:
Contextualizing current debates in American politics, Louis Hyman wrote "The New Deal Wasn’t What You Think," for The Atlantic's series Ideas, on March 6th, 2019; and Chris Deutsch wrote "The only real solution to the border crisis" for The Washington Post's section Made by History last March 11th. Rebecca Spang, for History News Network, wrote "MMT and Why Historians Need to Reclaim Studying Money", sparking debate among scholars. Replying to Spang, Maxximilian Seijo published "A Response to Rebecca Spang's "MMT and Why Historians Need to Reclaim Studying Money"

Other reads of interest from history publications:
"Boeing Brings 100 Years Of History To Its Fight To Restore Its Reputation", contains both radio broadcast and an article.
And, many BHC members and business historians contributed to the Checkered History conversation on Senator's Chuck Schumer's comment on how "corporations used to care," also in History News Network.

And from blogs:
Andy Seal contributed to the Society for US Intellectual History's blog with the entry "Growth and Price: Douglass North vs. the New History of Capitalism" (March 4th, 2019).
In Bloomsbury's The Literary Hub, Rebecca Earl wrote "A Brief History of That Most Noble Tuber, the Potato" (March 28th, 2019).
Kasia Stempniak wrote "Benetton & Fashioning Controversy" from her experience doing research at Duke's Hartman Center for Sales, Advertising and Marketing History (April 8th, 2019).
Stephen Leccese contributed "Labor Reformer George Gunton and a Progressive Era Divorce Scandal" to the Society for Historians of the Gilded Age and Progressive Era's blog (March 20th, 2019)

New episodes in our favorite podcasts:
[reposted from 2016] "The History of Ice and Refrigeration in the US" from the show In the Past Lane
The show Who Makes Cents published an episode on Amazon's recent withdrawal from New York City. To listen to it, follow the link "Juan de Lara on the Logistics and Urban Space".
The show BackStory had an episode on American industrial disasters and the history of capitalism: "Death on the Assembly Line, Industrial Tragedies in American History".

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