Business and Economic History at the AHA

The American Historical Association annual meeting, taking place in Chicago, Illinois, with a theme of "Loyalties," begins this week. As usual, the BHC is sponsoring events as an AHA affiliated society.  The organization will host a lunch on Saturday, January 5, 12:00–1:30 p.m. with a discussion of  "Loyalty/Disloyalty in Business," chaired by Pamela Walker Laird, University of Colorado Denver. The panel consists of Sven Kube, Florida International University; Debra Michals, Merrimack College; Travis Ross, Yale University; Kelly Sharp, Luther College; and Gregory J. Wood, Frostburg State University.
     The BHC-sponsored session this year is 206: "Communist Corporate Cultures: Enterprise between Political Principle and Profit Pursuit," chaired by Philip Scranton.
     There will of course be many other sessions of interest at the meeting, including:
Session 5: "Infrastructure and Power in the Pacific, 1840–1940"
Session 8: "Divided Loyalties: European Companies in German West Africa before 1914"
Session 13: "Globalization and Industrialization: History and Food Panel"
Session 30: "The Costs of Motherhood: Capitalism and Reproduction in the United States, 1900 to the Present"
Session 56: "Building Empire: Infrastructure, Materiality, and Mobility in the Age of Globalization"
Session 124: "Financing the State: Silver Coins, Paper Money, and Tax Revenue in Britain’s Atlantic Empire and the United States, 1700–1900"
Session 154: "The History of Financial Advice"
Session 162: "What Are Corporations Good For? Markets, Social Responsibility, and the State"
In addition, BHC member and Doctoral Colloquium head Ed Balleisen of Duke University will chair two sessions about doctoral education in the humanities: session 60, "How Do We Fix the Advising Model for Humanities PhD Students?" and session 188, "Innovations in Doctoral Education: Building Strong Partnerships between Programs and University Leadership."
     Several sessions sponsored by other organizations hold interest for business and economic historians:
Conference on Latin American History Session 13: "Legal History, Capitalism, and Economic Life: New Research from Mexico"
National History Center of the American Historical Association Session 2: "Historical Perspectives on Public-Private Partnerships"
Forum on European Expansion and Global Interaction Session 2: "Food and Long-Distance Commerce in the Early Modern World"
German Historical Institute Session 2: "The Economics of Loyalty in North America, 18th–20th Century"
Labor and Working Class History Association Session 3: ""Global Labor Histories"
In addition to those listed here, readers will find many papers--on gender, slavery, labor, and native american history, for example--that hold interest. The AHA has a search page where keywords may be used to locate relevant individual papers.