CFP: International Congress of French Business History

An International Congress of French Business History will be held in Paris on September 11-13, 2019, with a theme of "What's New in French Business History?" The Congress will be held at the Paris-Dauphine University, the Sorbonne University, and at the ESCP Europe business school within the framework of its 200th anniversary. In addition, a doctoral seminar will be organized at the Paris-Dauphine University as part of its 50th-anniversary celebrations that will accommodate about 12 doctoral students. According to the organizers:
In a spirit of intellectual and disciplinary openness, the Congress aims to bring together as many researchers from different branches of social and human sciences as possible, provided that their work adopts a historical perspective or addresses issues related to the historical dynamics of businesses. Besides stimulating discussion with French as well as foreign teachers and researchers, the objective of this Congress is also to foster dialogue between the academic world and players in economic and public life who are interested in the history of the role and operation of businesses and organisations, as well as the history of those living and working in the business world. Finally, the Congress should logically also be an opportunity to reflect on how business history is written today in France, on France, but also within the French-speaking world.
The deadline for proposals is February 18, 2019. For a much more detailed discussion of the topics relevant to the Congress, opportunities for doctoral students, and information about submission procedures, please see the full call for papers.