Journal Special Issues of Interest

Two journals have recently published special issues of interest to business and economic historians.

Frontiers of Economics in China (Sept. 2018, volume 13, no. 3), has just released a special issue on Chinese Economic History, guest-edited by Debin Ma of the London School of Economics. The special issue has free online access at: The seven articles discuss urban and rural economy, the monetary system, as well as the organization of financial institutions in pre-modern China. Acording to the editor, the articles reflect three distinctive features: "the emphasis on the primary importance of institutions and ideology, the employment of comparative (mostly with Europe) perspective, and the systematic application of quantitative analyses based on new archives and data."

The current issue of Entreprises et Histoire (volume 91, no. 2) focuses on "Emotions and Family Businesses." The introduction (in English, as are most of the articles), by Ludovic Cailluet, Fabian Bernhard, and Rania Labaki, is freely accessible online. On the topic of the special issue, they write: "in family businesses both the family and the business are affecting each other by their own emotional dynamics, creating a fertile soil for studies into emotions’ interaction with business decision."