Digital Resources: The BHC Website

For those of you not familiar with the BHC website, or who check it only for annual meeting updates, we'd like to remind you of some of the content available.
  • Since taking over in 2015 as editor for teaching and research resources on the website, Michael Aldous has produced several valuable conversations with business historians, from Geoff Jones on business history and emerging markets, to Sharon Murphy on the case method, to technology in the classroom with Chinmay Tumbe.
  • The book bibliographies published here at seasonal intervals are collected on the BHC website under "Books of Interest."
  • The full text of nearly all articles (1962-1999) published in the print editions of Business and Economic History is available on the site, as is the text of articles in the natively online version, BEH On-Line.
  • Detailed information about past annual meetings can be found linked from our main Annual Meetings page. Previous programs, including a complete set, 2000-2018, are archived on the BHC site, as are the abstracts from each year. Presidential addresses are also linked from here; those published in Enterprise and Society require a membership login or subscription for access; those published in Business and Economic History are freely available.
  • The website also contains a number of major resource sections: web resources, syllabi, and bibliographies pertaining to the three informal interest groups that the BHC administers: Business Historians at Business Schools, Women in Business History, and Emerging Scholars. Self-selecting membership lists are maintained for each of the groups, where members can provide information about their areas of expertise.
  • Finally, current and historical governance information--committee members, trustees, editorial staff, and past presidents--can be found.
      All of this information is freely available to anyone accessing the website. In addition, there are features available only to BHC members. Perhaps the two most valuable are listings in the "Expertise Database" and direct access to the BHC's journal, Enterprise and Society. Members may also post announcements and add syllabi to the website.