Program Available: SHEAR 2018 Meeting

The Society for Historians of the Early American Republic (SHEAR) will hold its annual meeting in Cleveland, Ohio, on July 19-22, 2018. The preliminary program has now been posted online. In addition to the many individual papers on business and economic history, readers of this blog may be particularly interested in
Session 12, "Labor Markets Created By, For, and In Women," chaired by Ellen Hartigan-O'Connor
Session 17, "States of Speculation: Western Lands and the Forging and Fracturing of the Early Republic," chaired by Christopher Clark
Session 22, "Morality and Markets: Regulating Capitalism in the Early Republic," chaired by Whitney Martinko
Session 27, "Metal, Machinery, and Manpower: Free and Coerced Labor in the Early Industrial South," chaired by Frank Byrne
Session 46, "Family, Labor, and Capitalism," chaired by Scott Sandage
Sesson 52, "Financial Opportunity and Adversity in the Not-So-Old South," chaired by Matthew Schoenbachler
   Those interested in attending should note that the special SHEAR rate for hotel reservations expires on June 28 and that online registration for the meeting closes on July 5; on-site registration will incur a $30 additional fee.