EHA 2018 Program Has Been Posted

The Economic History Association (EHA) is meeting in Montreal, Canada, on September 7-9, 2018; the preliminary program has now been posted as a webpage, with more details available in the brochure version.  The theme of the meeting is “ 'From Plague, Famine, and War, Save us, O Lord': Shocks and Disasters in Economic History.” In addition to regular sessions, there will also be a plenary chaired by Gregory Clark on “Deaths of Despair and the Failure of American Capitalism,” featuring Anne Case and Angus Deaton of Princeton University, and Cormac O’Grada will present his presidential address, titled “The Next World and the New World: Relief, Migration, and the Great Irish Famine.”
    The EHA conference website also includes registration, transportation, and lodging information. Note that pre-registration will close on August 15. Questions may be addressed to Jari Eloranta, EHA meeting coordinator, at