CFP: SHOT 2018

The Society for the History of Technology (SHOT) will hold its 2018 annual meeting in St. Louis, Missouri, on October 11-14. In tribute to the meeting location, the theme will be “Gateways: Passages, Openings, and Enclosures in the History of Technology.” According to the call for papers,
[Its] multi-dimensional story makes St. Louis a natural focus for scholarly analysis of the many ways technology impacts, and is impacted by, place, space, and culture. The pre-industrial, industrial, and postindustrial history of the region, from Native American Cahokia mounds to the African-American experience in suburban Ferguson, also suggests topics further analyzing technology, power, and democracy, race, gender, and ethnicity.
The program committee will entertain submissions in three categories:
Traditional Sessions: 3-4 papers, with chair and commentator
Unconventional Sessions: round-table sessions, workshop-style sessions with pre-circulated papers, poster sessions, or "you write, I present" sessions, in which the discussant presents for the author and comments on the paper, with authors on-site to respond to comments, take questions from the audience, and join overall discussions.
Open Sessions: Organizers describe a topic and invite submissions to create a panel
The deadline for all submissions is March 31, 2018. [Those wishing to submit an open session proposal, however, must do so by March 15; potential open session participants must submit by March 24, in order to give the organizer time to pull things together for the March 31 overall deadline.]
    Please see the full call for papers for additional information and submission instructions.