Request for Help: Older BHC Programs

As part of ongoing efforts to add content to the BHC website, we are in the process of adding to the files of annual meeting programs. We are missing some early years, and so we send out this request for information. Years needed are

1954 (Northwestern University)
1954 (University of Michigan)
[1955] no meeting
1956 (Indiana University)
1957 [no meeting]
1958 (State Historical Society, Wisconsin)
1959 (University of Illinois)
1960 (Marquette University)
1961 (Purdue University)
1963 (Northwestern University)
1964 (Indiana University)
1965 (Kent State University)
1970 (University of Iowa)
1971 (Oberlin College)
1972 (Loyola University)
1974 (Hagley Museum and Library)
1975 (Northwestern University)
We would be grateful if readers who have copies of any of these programs would get in touch with Pat Denault ( We'll let folks know when the current batch of older programs is uploaded. In the meantime, all programs, 2017-2003, are linked from our website at