Friday, April 7, 2017

EABH Conference: “The Haute Banque in the World”

As part of its 2017 annual meeting, the European Association for Banking and Financial History (EABH), in cooperation with BNP Paribas and Banque Lombard Odier, will hold a conference on June 23, 2017, entitled "Legacy of Finance: The Haute-Banque in the World from the 19th to the 21st Century." According to the organizers:
The haute banque emerged as a private banking elite in France during the Restoration period. Haute banque institutions were well respected and dealt with major international business and state affairs. They declined and vanished after the World Wars of the 20th century. Now, the haute banque is having a comeback in the 21st century. How did this happen? and why?
The full program is available on the EABH website, as is a listing of all the organization's events. Registration is open at Early bird tickets for non-members are available until April 15.
     The full meeting will commence on June 22 with sessions for EABH members only. The keynote speaker for the EABH members' dinner will be Harold James, who will talk about "The Haute Banque and National Security."