Monday, February 6, 2017

Of Interest for BHC Denver Attendees: Telecommunications History Group

"The Lineman, a Character Study," Allen True, Mountain States Telephone and Telegraph Company Building, Denver, Colorado (Photo by Marcia Ward.)
Folks planning to attend the upcoming BHC meeting in Denver, Colorado, should be aware of  opportunities offered by the Telecommunications History Group (THG), a nonprofit organization with the mission of promoting a broad humanistic understanding of telecommunications in history. The group holds an extensive archive in its Denver headquarters of photographs, telephone directories, and historic documents related to the history of telecommunications, especially in the West.
    The facility, located at 1425 Champa, only a few blocks from the BHC conference hotel, will be available on Thursday, March 30, from 1:00 to 4:00 p.m., especially for BHC attendees. Those interested in visiting the THG will need an appointment to enter the building. For information and an appointment, please contact Jody Georgeson, Archivist, and Lisa Berquist, THG Director, at An overview of the THG's collections is available on the group's website.
    Also well worth visiting, and even closer to the conference hotel, stands the 1929 Bell Palace, the last of the grand Bell Palaces, at 931 14th Street. For a virtual tour of this beautiful structure, including some of its remarkable Allen Tupper True Art Deco homages to technological glories, see the THG web exhibit. Access to the building is restricted, but visitors can enjoy many of True’s murals in the entrance area and in the main lobby during business hours.