Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Junto Series: “Fashion as History in Early American Life“

Dorothy Quincy (Mrs. John Hancock) | Museum of Fine Arts, Boston c1772 by John Singleton Copley
The early Americanist blog "The Junto"  has been running a roundtable on colonial couture, "fashion as history in early American life." Some of the posts have a more direct business connection than others, but all provide interesting insights. The introductory post also includes a bibliography and list of relevant websites, as do many of the essays. The list of posts:
Sara Georgini, "Roundtable: Colonial Couture"
Charmaine A. Nelson, "Cash’s Bundle: Fugitive Slave Advertisements, Clothing, and Self-Care"
Ben Marsh, "Making American Pompoms Great Again"
William Howard Carter, "New York's Original Fashion Industry"
Joanna M. Gohmann, "Ambassador in a Hat: The Sartorial Power of Benjamin Franklin’s Fur Cap"
Kimberly Alexander, "Fashioning the 17th Century in Boston: John and Hannah Leverett"
Laura E, Johnson, "Of Records and Rituals: Native Americans and the Textile Trade"
Zara Anishanslin, "Crafting Protest, Fashioning Politics: DIY Lessons from the American Revolution"
Readers can also find the full list collected on the Junto website.