Friday, October 14, 2016

New Books of Interest: Early Fall Edition, Part 2

As promised, Part 2 of the Early Fall "new books" list:

Alfred C. Mierzejewski, A History of the German Public Pension System: Continuity amid Change (Rowman & Littlefield, March 2016)

James Muir, Law, Debt, and Merchant Power: The Civil Courts of Eighteenth-Century Halifax (University of Toronto Press, September 2016)

Laurence B. Mussio, A Vision Greater than Themselves: The Making of the Bank of Montreal, 1817-2017 (McGill-Queen's University Press, November 2016)

John L. Neufeld, Selling Power: Economics, Policy, and Electric Utilities before 1940 (University of Chicago Press, November 2016)

David Andrew Nichols, Engines of Diplomacy: Indian Trading Factories and the Negotiation of American Empire (University of North Carolina Press, May 2016)

Avner Offer and Gabriel Söderberg, The Nobel Factor: The Prize in Economics, Social Democracy, and the Market Turn (Princeton University Press, September 2016)

S. Paul O'Hara, Inventing the Pinkertons; or, Spies, Sleuths, Mercenaries, and Thugs (Johns Hopkins University Press, August 2016)

Mary A. O'Sullivan, Dividends of Development: Securities Markets in the History of U.S. Capitalism, 1865-1922 (Oxford University Press, November 2016)

Christy Park-Pujara, Dark Work: The Business of Slavery in Rhode Island (NYU Press, August 2016)

Richard Pomfret and John K. Wilson, eds., Sports Through the Lens of Economic History (Edward Elgar, August 2016)

Jonathan E. Robins, Cotton and Race Across the Atlantic: Britain, Africa, and America, 1900-1920 (University of Rochester Press, November 2016)

Tirthankar Roy and Anand V. Swamy, Law and the Economy in Colonial India (University of Chicago Press, September 2016)

Andrew Smith, Kevin D. Tennent, and Simon Mollan, eds., The Impact of the First World War on International Business (Routledge, November 2016)

Robert F. Smith, Manufacturing Independence: Industrial Innovation in the American Revolution (Westholme Publishing, August 2016)

Sharon Hartman Strom, Fortune, Fame, and Desire: Promoting the Self in the Long Nineteenth Century (Rowman & Littlefield, September 2016)

Charlie Whitham, Post-War Business Planners in the United States, 1939-48: The Rise of the Corporate Moderates (Bloomsbury, October 2016)