Friday, September 23, 2016

New “Teaching and Resources” Area on the BHC Website

In 2015 the BHC Trustees appointed Michael Aldous (Queen's University, Belfast) to serve as the inaugural Teaching and Research Resources Web Editor. He has now written an introductory essay to launch a new section of the Teaching and Resources portion of the BHC website, one that will "promote the excellent teaching resources, whilst providing context, particularly for those not immersed in Business History, and offering insights and inspiration regarding their use." In his essay, "Rethinking Business History in the Classroom," Aldous writes, "I would like to invite members of the BHC community to contribute short pieces that discuss the many and varied ways in which business history [is] being used across disciplines in classrooms, and through these entries foster a wider discussion on these opportunities."
     Further essays will be published throughout the year; upcoming is a discussion with Paolo Quattrone about visualization and history in his teaching of accounting. Anyone interested in contributing to the discussion is encouraged to contact Michael at