Friday, July 29, 2016

“History of Capitalism” Special Issue of JGAPE

The July 2016 volume of the Journal of the Gilded Age and Progressive Era is a special issue on "The History of Capitalism in the Gilded Age and Progressive Era," with guest editor Noam Maggor. The contents are protected by a paywall, but many readers will be able to access the material through an institutional subscription, and abstracts may be freely viewed. The contents are:
Noam Maggor, "The Great Inequalizer: American Capitalism in the Gilded Age and Progressive Era"
Eli Cook, "The Neoclassical Club: Irving Fisher and the Progressive Origins of Neoliberalism"
Rosanne Currarino, "Transition Questions"
David Roth Singerman, "Science, Commodities, and Corruption in the Gilded Age"
Ariel Ron, "Farmers, Capitalism, and Government in the Late Nineteenth Century"
Rudi Batzell, "The Labor of Social Reproduction: Household Work and Gendered Power in the History of Capitalism, 1870-1930"
Paul A. Kramer, "Embedding Capital: Political-Economic History, the United States, and the World"