Monday, July 25, 2016

A Round-Up of On-Line Reviews of Interest

Listed below is a selection of book reviews of interest that have appeared from this spring to the present from open-access sites, primarily H-Net, EH.Net, and the IHR's Reviews in History.
Larry Neal reviewed William N. Goetzmann, Money Changes Everything: How Finance Made Civilization Possible for EH.Net

Eric Jones reviewed E. A. Wrigley, The Path to Sustained Growth: England’s Transition from an Organic Economy to an Industrial Revolution for EH.Net

Paul M. Hohenberg reviewed Jürgen Kocka, Capitalism: A Short History for EH.Net

John H. Wood reviewed Peter Conti-Brown, The Power and Independence of the Federal Reserve for EH.Net

Anne Hanley reviewed William R. Summerhill, Inglorious Revolution: Political Institutions, Sovereign Debt, and Financial Underdevelopment in Imperial Brazil for EH.Net

Robert P. Rogers reviewed Samuel Bostaph, Andrew Carnegie: An Economic Biography for EH.Net

Jonathan E. Robins reviewed Richard Follett, Sven Beckert, Peter Coclanis, and Barbara Hahn. eds.,  Plantation Kingdom: The American South and Its Global Commodities, for H-Environment

Anna Johns reviewed Ronald K. Fierstein, A Triumph of Genius: Edwin Land, Polaroid, and the Kodak Patent War, for H-Sci-Med-Tech 

Sean Patrick Adams reviewed Brian Luskey and Wendy Woloson, eds., Capitalism by Gaslight: Illuminating the Economy of Nineteenth-Century America, for H-SHEAR

Anne M. Ricculli reviewed Jonathan Coopersmith, Faxed: The Rise and Fall of the Fax Machine, for H-Sci-Med-Tech

Anya Luscombe reviewed Cynthia B. Meyers, A Word from Our Sponsor: Admen, Advertising, and the Golden Age of Radio, for JHistory

Charles McCrary reviewed Timothy E. W. Gloege, Guaranteed Pure: The Moody Bible Institute, Business, and the Making of Modern Evangelicalism, for H-AmRel

Gregory Gordon reviewed Sue Fawn Chung, Chinese in the Woods: Logging and Lumbering in the American West, for H-Environment

Manfred Berg reviewed Edward E. Baptist, The Half Has Never Been Told: Slavery and the Making of American Capitalism, for H-Soz-u-Kult

Tristan M. Stein reviewed Roderick Floud, Jane Humphries, and Paul Johnson, eds. The Cambridge Economic History of Modern Britain, Volume 1: 1700-1870; 2d ed., for H-Albion 

David Head reviewed Faye M. Kert, Privateering: Patriots and Profits in the War of 1812, for H-SHEAR

John Graham reviewed Roger Lowenstein, America's Bank: The Epic Struggle to Create the Federal Reserve, for H-Socialisms

Raechel Lutz reviewed Christopher F. Jones, Routes of Power: Energy and Modern America, for H-Energy

Michael Cullinane reviewed Gregory Moore, Defining and Defending the Open Door Policy: Theodore Roosevelt and China, 1901-1909, for Reviews in History

James Kwak reviewed Christine Desan, Making Money: Coin, Currency, and the Coming of Capitalism, for The Baseline Scenario

Lisa McGirr reviewed Winifred Gallagher, How the Post Office Created America, and Devin Leonard, Neither Snow Nor Rain: A History of the United States Post Office, for the New York Times Book Review