Thursday, December 24, 2015

Christmas for Business Historians

Christmas Eve, and time for another small gift from "The Exchange": more sources positioning the holiday in business and historical terms (the first list can be found here):
"Christmas Season Starts Earlier Every Year" (actually not):
"Saving Santa's Mail Bag" (the Post Office and Letters to Santa)
"A Brief History of the Holiday Card" (Ellen Brown on JStor Daily) and also on The Takeaway (audio interview)
"19th Century Christmas Cards Gain New Admirers" (AAS, on Louis Prang)
"Louis Prang, Father of the Christmas Card" (NYHS)
Alison Barnes on "The First Christmas Tree" (History Today)
Bernd Brunner on "Inventing the Christmas Tree"
Dickens' expenses for printing "A Christmas Carol"
A Christmas Carol (modern-day economics edition) (The Guardian
Santa Claus and Coca Cola 
Santa Claus and Thomas Nast 
"When Santa Was a Bank," from Stephen Mihm
12 Days of Christmas Costs, 2015 (illustrated, from PNC)
Brief history of Christmas tree lights (Wired)