Canadian Business History Association Launched

Building on earlier efforts to stimulate business history in Canada, a small group of historians, former archivists, and business people began working last summer to create a new business history organization, the Canadian Business History Association – l’association Canadiennes pour l’histories des affaires (CBHA/ACHA). The organization is now open for membership.
    The group shares the conviction that the business heritage is an integral part of Canadian history and that this heritage cannot be preserved without a strong academic/ business partnership. The CBHA/ACHA mission is to establish a not-for-profit association that provides a forum for archivists, historians, managers, and management scholars to further the historical study of Canadian business and how that history relates to other countries. According to the group's website,
The CBHA/ACHA is dedicated to the pursuit of Canadian business history and its role both domestically and in world business history. Our specific aims include encouraging more studies of enterprise by Canadians and in Canada, helping build and maintain well-structured and open business archives, providing those who study business history a forum for discussing their research with those who practice business, encouraging research projects on relevant subjects and providing funding for such research, and in general encouraging the study of business history in Canada.
Interested readers can find out more about membership and the CBHA/ACHA's goals on the organization's website.