Sunday, November 8, 2015

Over the Counter: Issue No. 20

Those unable to attend the recent Economic History Association meeting should note that abstracts of the papers are available from the full conference booklet. In addition, most of the papers are linked from the on-line version of the program.

A new site, "Records of London's Livery Companies Online" (ROLLCO), provides records of Apprentices and Freemen in the City of London Livery Companies between 1400 and 1900.

The debate on slavery and capitalism continues: NYU sociologist John Clegg reviews several recent books in Critical Historical Studies (unfortunately behind a paywall). At The Junto, Tom Cutterham reflects on Clegg's review, and Edward Baptist then responds. [There is also a roundtable review of the Baptist book in the September 2015 Journal of Economic History.]
    Readers may also be interested in Slate's audio presentation, "When Cotton Became King," for which Baptist is a guest commentator.

A conference on "The History of Energy and the Environment" was held at Harvard University last month. The program and abstracts of the papers are still available on-line.

The most recent issue of Early American History (Fall 2015) is a special issue on "Ligaments: Everyday Connections of Colonial Economies," with guest editor Cathy Matson.

The program for the upcoming Hakluyt Society conference, on "Maritime Trade, Travel and Cultural Encounter in the Eighteenth and Nineteenth Centuries," is available here.

We regret to report (belatedly) the death, on March 12, 2015, of Alice Teichova. Obituaries are available here and here.
A half-day conference to honor the work of Maurice Lévy-Leboyer, entitled "Maurice Lévy-Leboyer: une œuvre toujours vivante," was held on October 1 at the Université Paris Ouest Nanterre La Défense. The program is available here.

The program for a 2016 conference of the European Association for Banking and Financial History (EABH) on "The Origins of Banking Globalization" has now been posted.

To commemorate the fiftieth anniversary of the Association française d’histoire économique (AFHé), the group will hold a workshop on December 3-4, 2015, on “L’économie dans la construction de l’Europe: un aperçu historique.” The program and abstracts are available here (in French).

The Brussels Stock Exchange has just concluded an exhibit on its history, "Behind the Numbers." In addition to the physical exhibit, interesting images are posted on Flickr.

On H-Grad, Kent Peacock has posted a History of Capitalism Reading List.