Friday, November 6, 2015

Business and Economic History at the OAH: Early Program Details

The 2016 Organization of American Historians (OAH) annual meeting will take place in Providence, Rhode Island, on April 7-10. The theme of the meeting is "On Leadership." The full program has not yet been posted, but sessions and abstracts for various topics are now available, including one for "Business & Economy." Several of these sessions are sponsored by the Business History Conference. Included are
"Temporalities of Agriculture and Capitalism," chaired by Lisa Gitelman
"No-Fault: Injury, Compensation, and the Shifting Rhetoric of Responsibility in Twentieth-Century America," chaired by Jonathan Levy
"History, Numbers, Numeracy: Opportunities and Obstacles in Quantitative and Digital History," chaired by Caitlin Rosenthal
"Law, Finance, and Institutional Leadership: New Perspectives on the History of Financialization," chaired by Naomi Lamoreaux
"The Business of Leadership," chaired by Pamela Laird
In addition, one of the OAH plenary sessions will feature Paul Krugman, Naomi Lamoreaux, and Eric Rauchway on "Can We Use History?"

Registration for the meeting is now open; we will post more information about sessions of interest when the full program is available.