Monday, December 22, 2014

WEHC2015: Accepted Sessions Posted, Registration Open

The XVIIth World Economic History Congress (WEHC) will meet in Kyoto, Japan, on August 3-7, 2015, around the theme of "Diversity in Development." The accepted sessions have now been posted to the Congress website.
    The site provides links to abstracts and expected participants for each session, as well as notices from those session organizers seeking papers. Among many relevant sessions, some of particular interest to BHC members include:
S20035, organized by Tom French: "The Economic and Business History of Occupied Japan"
S20039, organized by Hugh Rockoff: "How Financial Networks Become Vulnerable to Crises: A Global and Historical Perspective"
S20058, organized by Robin Pearson: "Risk Management, Insurance and Organisational Choice in History"
S20068, organized by Peter Coclanis: "Diversity in the Development of the U.S. South"
S20083, organized by Geoffrey Jones: "Shibusawa Eiichi’s Gappon Capitalism (Ethical Capitalism) as a Model for Developing Countries in Future Global Perspectives"
S20089, organized by Naomi Lamoreaux: "Organizational Innovation and Business Enterprise in International Perspective"
S20091, organized by Zorina Khan: "Patents and Incentives for Innovation across Time and Space"
S20107, organized by Adoración Alvaro-Mora: "New Insights into Foreign Direct Investment and the Multinational Enterprise: Assessing Long-Term Impacts on Host Economies"
S20127, organized by Dan Bogart: "New Perspectives on the Economic Impact of Canals and Railways" 
Final session details are to be available in April 2015. Registration is now open, as is the accommodation reservation system. For complete details, please consult the Congress website.