Saturday, December 6, 2014

BHC Launches New Website

This week the Business History Conference launched its new website. The URL remains the same, but the site has been enhanced and updated in many ways, thanks largely to the efforts of Shane Hamilton (who, as the BHC web administrator, will manage the website's background workings), with assistance from current web editor Pat Denault (who will step down in June 2015). The new site is built with Drupal, an easy to use content management system that will allow those working on the site to focus on content rather than technical aspects.
    The new design aims to bring to the fore the rich material to be found on the BHC website--syllabi, web resources, interest-group bibliographies, and current books of interest--as well as information about the organization's governance, history, and annual meetings.
    One of the most important improvements is a dynamic members-only space that permits BHC members to post information directly: BHC members can add job listings, announcements, syllabi, web resources, and other information that can be seen by anyone who visits the website. Also significant is the entirely new Expertise Database, developed in response to persistent interest in helping journalists and other non-specialists locate business historians who have expertise in a particular area. Anyone can access the database, but only BHC members can be listed therein. The members-only area also will provide a direct gateway to the BHC journal Enterprise & Society after Cambridge University Press formally takes over as publisher on January 1, 2015.