Monday, October 13, 2014

Business History at the AHA

The 2015 American Historical Association Meeting will be held in New York City on January 2-5. The full program has now been published. As an affiliated member of the AHA, the Business History Conference is able to propose sponsored sessions. We are delighted to report that several of these proposals were accepted. The headline event will be a luncheon/roundtable discussion on January 4 organized around the theme of “Capitalism, Global Business, and Inequality”; speakers will be Richard R. John, Juliette Levy, Stephanie Decker, and Bartow Elmore, with BHC president Mary Yeager presiding.
     Other BHC sessions are:
AHA session  57: Tipping in American History (chaired by Julia Ott)

BHC Session 2: The Triangle Shirtwaist Factory Fire: A Century of Protest Art (chaired by Daniel Levinson Wilk)

AHA session 252: Immigrant Women at the Edge of the Nineteenth-Century Marketplace (chaired by Tracey Deutsch, comment by Jocelyn Wills)

AHA session 278: Exceptional Failures? Interdisciplinary Economic Analysis of U.S. Banking Failures in the Twentieth Century (chaired by David Weiman)
The listing of BHC sessions can also be found here. The BHC's AHA activities have been overseen by the BHC Liaison Committee, whose members are Barbara Hahn (chair), Josh Lauer, Caitlin Rosenthal, Alexia Yates, and Ellen Hartigan-O'Connor.

    In addition, many other sessions will be interest to business and economic historians. The following list covers only the most obviously relevant titles; attendees will find many other topics of interest.
Session 6:  Before Neoliberalism: Mexico's Corporations Enter the Global Stage, 1970-93

Session 8: Crises of the 1970s, chaired by Kim Phillips-Fein

Session 18: New Histories of Capitalism in and Beyond the Atlantic:

German Historical Institute 1: The Changing World of Immigrant Entrepreneurship: Three Centuries of German American Experience

Session  39: Calculating the Future: Capitalism and Predictive Statistics

Session 106: History, Economics, and the Wide-Ranging Impacts of the 1973 Oil Shock on U.S. Foreign Relations

Session 107: Hydroelectric Development in Mexico, Palestine, and the U.S. South: Three Cases of Modern State Coproduction

CLAH session  21: Nineteenth-Century Colonizations: Business, State Formation, and Planned Migrations in Latin America, 1810s-70s 

AHA session 128: An Atlantic Triangle: New England-Holland-Rio de la Plata Commercial Networks

AHA session 135: Early Modern European Firms and the Challenge of Global Commerce

AHA Session 170: Perspectives on Gavin Wright's Sharing the Prize: The Economics of the Civil Rights Revolution in the American South: A Roundtable (chaired by Dan Raff)

AHA session 190: Capitalist Crisis, Surplus Labor, and Migration in East Asia

AHA session 207: The Ground Below and Above: New Directions in the Study of Mining in the Colonial Americas

AHA session 232: The History of Engineering and the Engineering of History (chaired by Paul Israel)

AHA session 258: People and Technology: Comparing Road Building across Three Continents