Monday, June 23, 2014

June 2014 Enterprise & Society Published

The June 2014 issue of Enterprise & Society is now available. Full access requires a subscription (included in BHC membership), but access to abstracts is unrestricted.  The issue contains:
Marc Flandreau and Gabriel Geisler Mesevage, "The Untold History of Transparency: Mercantile Agencies, the Law, and the Lawyers (1851–1916)
Eelke Michiel Heemskerk and Meindert Fennema, "Women on Board: Female Board Membership as a Form of Elite Democratization"
Martin Eriksson, "Embedding Big Business: The Political Economy of the 1938 Corporate Tax Reform in Sweden"
Luciano Segreto and Ben Wubs, "Resistance of the Defeated: German and Italian Big Business and the American Antitrust Policy, 1945–1957"
Darren E. Grem, "Christianity Today, J. Howard Pew, and the Business of Conservative Evangelicalism"
Also, just a reminder for those who may have missed previous announcements: the winning articles of the 2014 Oxford Journals Prize (Francesca Carnevali and Lucy Newton, "Pianos for the People: From Producer to Consumer in Britain, 1851–1914") and of the Mira Wilkins Prize (Brenna Greer, "Selling Liberia: Moss H. Kendrix, the Liberian Centennial Commission, and the Post-World War II Trade in Black Progress") have been ungated by Oxford Journals and are freely available to all for the remainder of 2014.