Monday, May 26, 2014

On Thomas Piketty's Capitalism in the Twenty-First Century

Thomas Piketty's Capitalism in the Twenty-First Century (Harvard University Press, 2014; Seuil, 2013) has garnered considerably more publicity than the average 700-page academic tome. It would be impossible to list all of the sites by and about Piketty since his book appeared in English last month; herewith a sampling of reviews, commentary, and author presentations to date:
"Six Ways Thomas Piketty's 'Capital' Isn't Holding Up to Scrutiny," Forbes
"Piketty's 'Capital,' in a Lot Less Than 896 Pages," HBR Blog Network
"The Piketty Bubble Is More Than Hot Air," New Yorker
Robert M. Solow, "Thomas Piketty Is Right," New Republic
Paul Krugman, "Why We're in a New Gilded Age," New York Review of Books
"A Modern Marx," The Economist
"Thomas Piketty and Millennial Marxists on the Scourge of Inequality," The Nation
Thomas Edsall, "Capitalism vs. Democracy," International New York Times
"Taking on Adam Smith (and Karl Marx)," profile of Piketty, International New York Times
"Q&A: Thomas Piketty on the Wealth Divide," Economix Blog, International New York Times 
"Thomas Piketty, the French Economist Bringing Capitalism to Book," Guardian Economics Blog
Piketty, "Save Capitalism from the Capitalists by Taxing Wealth," Financial Times
Tyler Cowan, "Capital Punishment: Why a Global Tax on Wealth Won't End Inequality," Foreign Affairs
James K. Galbraith, "Kapital for the Twenty-First Century?" Dissent
"Studying the Rich: Thomas Piketty and His Critics," Boston Review
"Piketty vs. Mankiw on Economic Challenges and Inequality," "On Point," NPR
Lawrence Summers, "Thomas Piketty Is Right about the Past and Wrong about the Future," The Atlantic
Chris Giles, "Data Problems with Capital in the 21st Century," Financial Times, and
Piketty's Response
On YouTube (there are dozens; just search for Piketty):
"Capital in the Twenty-First Century," Graduate Center, CUNY
Piketty interviewed on "Newsnight" (BBC)
"Inequality in America: The 1% in International and Historical Perspective," Columbia University Maison Francaise (in 2012)
Piketty on CNNMoney
Piketty speaking at the University of Pennsylvania Social Science Policy Forum (2012)
In addition, readers might want to consult Piketty's own list of his on-line lectures and presentations (several predating the book).
     For a different compilation of commentary on Piketty's work, see the Harvard University Press website. The book's technical appendix (additional charts and tables, sources, bibliography, and statistical series) is available on-line.