Friday, May 9, 2014

Business and Economic History at the 2014 "Big Berks"

The Sixteenth Berkshire Conference on the History of Women will be held at the University of Toronto, Canada, on May 22-25, 2014; the conference theme is "Histories on the Edge." The final program is now available. Of particular interest to business and economic historians will be
Session 22P: "Working Women and Gender in Early Modern Europe and the British Atlantic"
Session 28RT: A roundtable on women in science featuring Margaret Rossiter and Ruth Schwartz Cowan
Session 39RT: "Gendering Bodies in Employment and Legal History"
Session 48P: "On the Edges of Trade: Women, Commerce, and Space in the 18th-Century Anglo-Atlantic World"
Session 74RT: "Women and Gendered Labour History"
Session 80RT: "Domestic Work on the Edge: Transnational Labour, Global Research"
Session 83RT: "Gendering and Queering the Corporate Person"
Session 92P: "Things of the Edge: Materiality and Early Modern Trade Routes"
Session 140P: "Gender and Economic Power in Three African Contexts"
Session 168P: "Women's Labours and the Global Production of Consumer Culture in the 20th Century"
Session 215W: Gender and the Urban Economy in Late Medieval and Early Modern Europe"
Many individual papers--on slavery, trafficking, material culture, migration, domestic service, women's legal rights--may also be of interest. Registration information is available on the conference website; on-line registration closes May 14.