Friday, December 6, 2013

Enterprise & Society: December 2013 Issue

The December 2013 issue of Enterprise & Society is now available. In addition to the articles, this issue also contains Kenneth Lipartito's presidential address and abstracts of the dissertations presented in the Krooss Prize Dissertation session at the annual meeting:

Presidential Address
   Kenneth Lipartito, "Connecting the Cultural and the Material in Business History"
Dissertation Summaries
   Gavin Benke, "Electronic Bits and Ten Gallon Hats"
   Bartow J. Elmore, "Citizen Coke: An Environmental and Political History of the Coca Cola Company"
   Caitlin C. Rosenthal, "From Memory to Mastery: Accounting for Control in America, 1750–1880"
   Hsien-chun Wang, "Revisiting the Niuzhuang Oil Mill (1868–1870): Transferring Western Technology into China"
   Madeleine Zelin, "Chinese Business Practice in the Late Imperial Period"
   Jose Galindo, "The Economic Expansion of an Elite Business Family of French Origin in Central Mexico in the First Half of the Twentieth Century"
   Tobias Karlsson, "The Dynamics of Downsizing: The Swedish Tobacco Monopoly in the 1920s"

Full access requires a personal or institutional subscription (BHC members receive the journal as part of their membership); abstracts are freely available.