Monday, December 16, 2013

Call for Applicants: “Capital and Commodities,” UT Austin

The Institute for Historical Studies (IHS) at the University of Texas at Austin announces its 2014-2015 theme, "Capital and Commodities." The theme description states:
The co-development of financial and ecological crises, the global proliferation of mass consumerism, and ongoing social and military conflicts over access to natural resources suggest the critical importance of historicizing the study of capital and commodities. . . . the Institute encourages analytical approaches that underscore the sociocultural, political, environmental and intellectual underpinnings of the history of capital and commodities. We especially welcome proposals that encompass broad timespans (including the medieval and early modern periods) and that reach across geographic areas and disciplinary boundaries. 
 The full description is available at:

The IHS invites applications for resident fellows at all ranks; the deadline is January 15, 2014. For more information about the institute's fellowship program and the application process, please visit:

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