Friday, October 11, 2013

Historians Weigh In on the Debt Ceiling and U.S. Default Concerns

As the U.S. federal shutdown continues and the default deadline grows closer, a number of historians have commented on the situation. Here is a sampling of links:

Richard Sylla, interview for the History News Network (HNN)
Louis Hyman and Stephen Mihm, among others, quoted on the default possibility at HNN
Sean Wilentz on "Obama and the Debt," in the October 7 New York Times
Daniel Yergin, on NPR's "Morning Edition," October 9
Alice Rivlin, at Brookings
Niall Ferguson, in the October 4 Wall Street Journal
Carmen Reinhart and Kenneth Rogoff's work on prior defaults, cited in Economix Blog, October 4, New York Times
Julian Zelizer, on past government shutdowns, October 1, NPR's "Here and Now"
Stephen Mihm, at Bloomberg, on an analogy with the Nullification Crisis, and again here, on the rift between the Republican Party and Business on the shutdown issue
 HNN has also compiled a list of links to recent commentary (not necessarily by historians, but referring to history)