Wednesday, October 2, 2013

2014 AHA Program Available On-Line

The program for the 2014 American Historical Association meeting, to be held in Washington, D.C., on January 2-5, 2014, is now available on-line.  The program entry site allows searching by keyword as well as the standard daily listing; one can also find BHC-sponsored sessions under the affiliated societies section.
    The BHC-sponsored program items are:
Session 22: "Public Interest, Private Profit: Business, Government, and the Civic Good,"chaired by Richard R. John
Session 55: "Commerce and Knowledge in the Seventeenth Century," chaired by Martha C. Howell
Session 99: "The U.S. 1880–1920: Turning Point or More of the Same?" chaired by Steven H. Hahn
Session 231: "Wine, Drinking, and Identity," chaired by Uwe Spiekermann
Business History Conference Luncheon: "Is the History of Capitalism the New Business History?" chaired by Richard R. John and featuring Louis Galambos, Jonathan Levy, Sven Beckert, and Pamela Laird
In addition to the sessions and luncheon sponsored by the BHC, many other sessions will be of interest to business and economic historians.  A sampling includes:
Session 18: "Networks of Knowledge in the Early Modern Mediterranean," chaired by Anthony Grafton
Session 61: "Institutions of Trade in the Iberian Atlantic World," chaired by Jeremy Baskes
Session 65: "New Directions on the Twentieth-Century Chinese Economy," chaired by Naomi Lamoreaux
Session 117: "Panic: Financial Crises over Space and Time," chaired by Francesca Trivellato
Session 134: "Black Capitalism and Self Help in the Era of Richard Nixon: Black Power Alternatives from Grassroots Activists to the White House," chaired by Robert Weems
Session 166: "Envisioning Capitalist Development in the Countryside: Perspectives from Latin America, Asia, and the United States," chaired by Amy Offner
Session 167: "Food Commodities in Wartime: Soy, Wheat, Sugar, and U.S. Global Power in the Twentieth Century," chaired by Deborah Fitzgerald
Session 225: "The Industry of Empire: Markets, Workers, and Environments across North America’s Pacific Rim," chaired by Kathleen Anne Brosnan
Many individual papers also feature topics related to the field; a sampling:
Session 7: Marc V. Eagle, "Smugglers in the Seventeenth-Century Caribbean: 'Forced Arrivals' in Santo Domingo"
Session 49: David Walker Gilbert, "The Cultural Turn and the Long Movement: Black Identities and Class in Market Spaces"
Session 49: Brenna Wynn Greer, "Moving Beyond Saints and Martyrs: Post-World War II Black Capitalists and Their Civil Rights Work"
Session 69: Martin Collins, "The Market and the Military: Satellite Telephony and Entanglements of the Global in the 1990s"
Session 124: Susana Romero, "Bankers, Reformers, and Intellectuals Debating Modernity: The Origins of National Housing Policies in Colombia in the Aftermath of the Great Depression"
Session 126: Mitchell Larson, "Bringing Study Abroad Back Home: The Struggle to Adapt Management Education into British Universities in the 1960s"
Session 202: Christopher Magra, "The Limits of Empire in Eighteenth-Century Massachusetts"
Session 222: Christy Ford Chapin, "Ensuring America’s Health: How Insurance Companies Came to Govern U.S. Health Care"
Poster sessions of interest include:
Drew Keeling, "Pre-1914 Migration from Europe to the United States as a Travel Business"
Kathryn Tomasek, "Making Big Data: Historical Financial Records"
[Note that at the time of this posting, the program link on the AHA site is not yet active, and the 2010 meeting logo appears, but the information does in fact pertain to the 2014 program.]