Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Web Resource: The LSE Digital Library

The Library of the London School of Economics and Political Science has digitized a number of its holdings to create on-line exhibitions. Highlights include materials on Beatrice and Sidney Webb ("Webbs on the Web"), which feature Beatrice Webb's diary, papers of the Fabian Society, and a number of photographs; text and photographs from Street Life in London (John Thomson and Adolphe Smith, 1877), detailing the lives of the London poor; and Political and Tariff Reform Posters, a collection of 88 posters from 1892 to 1910.
   The LSE site is also the home of the Charles Booth Online Archive, containing the original records from Booth's survey into life and labor in London, 1886-1903.
   The LSE Archives publishes a blog, "Out of the Box," devoted to news of its holdings and updates on digitization projects