Wednesday, June 6, 2012

JAH Special Issue on Oil in American History Available On-Line

The June 2012 issue of the Journal of American History is a special issue on "Oil in American History." According to the editors,
Titusville, Pa., 1860s
The goal of the contributors to this special issue . . . is not only to provide new analyses of traditional oil subjects, such as business, technology, and foreign policy, but also to explore novel themes, such as the social and cultural aspects of oil consumption, the environmental politics and impact of oil development, oil’s relationship to evangelical Christianity, oil and urbanization, labor organizing and government taxation of oil, and the depiction of oil in print, television, and film.
   Business historians contributing to the issue include Joseph Pratt, Tyler Priest, and Diana Davids Hinton. Oxford University Press, which now produces the journal, has made the contents of this issue freely available on its JAH website.
   The JAH has also created a companion website for the special issue that includes an image gallery and links to related resources.