Friday, June 15, 2012

IEHA World Congress Program Available

The theme for the XVIth World Economic History Congress in South Africa is "The Roots of Development."  The five-day congress will comprise more than 150 sessions, with over 950 speakers; each day is divided into four time blocks of 90 minutes each (two before and two after lunch). A number of plenary sessions, in which keynote speakers will address all the delegates, are also scheduled. Confirmed speakers include the South African Minister of Finance Pravin Gordhan, Deirdre McCloskey, James Robinson, and Gareth Austin.
   The mammoth program lists several sessions featuring BHC regulars, including "Varieties of Capitalism: Theory and Historical Evidence of Institutional Change during the 20th Century," "Transportation and Institutional Change in Global Perspective," "The International Networks Forged by the Insurance Industry since the End of the 18th Century," "Business Groups in a Historical and Comparative Perspective," "Financial Crises and the Transformation of the Financial System since 1945," "Foreign Direct Investment in Infrastructure: What Consequences for Development?" and "Capitalism: The Re-Emergence of an Outmoded Concept?"  The IEHA has provided a search engine that enables users to locate sessions by topic, speaker, date, and other variables.