Friday, December 23, 2011

“Echoes” Blog Offers Business History Commentary

A few weeks ago, we mentioned the Echoes blog at, which Stephen Mihm of the University of Georgia has retooled to "unearth parallels between past and present, highlighting how the economic crises of our own era are perhaps not as unique as we think." Since its revamping, the blog has published numerous essays by members of the business history community, including:
Sean Vanatta, "How the Insurance Industry Tried to Ban Christmas"
Leslie Berlin, "When Steve Jobs Was a 'Joker' "
Louis Hyman, "How Did World War II End the Great Depression?"
Terri Lonier, "The Accident That Started the Breakfast Cereal Business"
Jeffrey Fear, "The Long Shadow of German Hyperinflation
Roger Horowitz, "Commemorating the Ford Edsel's Historically Bad Launch
Among many other contributors familiar to business historians are Regina Lee Blaszczyk, Peter Coclanis, Steve Fraser, Marc Levinson, and Robert E. Wright; Philip Scranton is writing a whole series on topics related to the Great Depression. The blog also provides a weekly list of links of interest from around the Web. Readers can subscribe to the Echoes blog via RSS feed.