Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Digital Resource: Japanese Yearbook on Business History

For many years, the Business History Society of Japan published the Japanese Yearbook on Business History, an English-language scholarly journal. In 2004, the Society renamed its journal Japanese Research in Business History, in order to reflect a more wide-ranging focus. Volumes 1-20 (1984-2003) of the original journal and volumes 21-24 (2004-2007) of its new incarnation have now been digitized, and the contents are available on-line without restriction. (Users should note that the year designation of volumes 1-20 is off by one year, so that the dates are given as 1985-2004; however, the volume numbers are correct and agree with the complete contents listing available from the BHSJ website.)
   Researchers might also be interested in other contents of the site, which is hosted by the Journal@rchive. Operated by the Japan Science and Technology Agency, the site aims to make available Japanese research on all subjects. It currently contains over 200 journals, many of them in English; journals are searchable by author, title, and keyword, as well as full-text.